Why Sigma Chi?

Sigma Chi Marquette House
So you're thinking about joining a fraternity, but maybe they all seem the same. You've visited their houses or gotten information from them, and they've all preached to you about their upright moral standards, community service requirements and social activities. What makes one any better than the other?

What it comes down to--and every brother would agree--is the group of guys in the chapter. And you'll notice that Sigma Chi, at Marquette and the other 250-plus chapters alike, has a great one. 

That's because Sigma Chi draws all kinds. We boast an assortment of temperaments, talents and convictions in our brothers. We bring together future marketers, engineers, authors, entrepreneurs, lawyers and artists. We have no restrictions in area of study or outside involvement like some other fraternities do. 

Even so, we don't invite just anybody to become a Sigma Chi; we judge your character by the Jordan Standard, a set of ideals for membership proposed by one of our founders, Isaac M. Jordan.

By joining Sigma Chi, you become a part of something. One of the best-known and most prestigious fraternities in the world. An extensive alumni network, complete with job offers. A group of quality men. The Sigma Chi Ritual.

You'll gain a place to study, work and relax, and people to study, work and relax with. An opportunity to attend the best fraternity leadership conference in the world. Access to scholarships and other kinds of support. Cheaper housing. A lot of friends. Pride. 

If you're interested in becoming a Sigma Chi at Marquette, visit our Recruitment page.

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